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Comprehensive solutions for training pilots

Simloc is an innovative Spanish SME with an international scope, which designs, produces and distributes FBS (Fixed Base Simulator) type flight training devices that are certifiable. The company holds the quality standard ISO 9001-2015.

Our objective is to develop comprehensive solutions for pilot training based on our hardware/software development skills and a marketing and sales system that lets us offer the national and international markets products both for civilian and defence use that are absolutely unique due to their excellent price-quality ratio.

With some 1000 m2 of cutting-edge facilities, including offices and an industrial area, located in Getafe (Madrid), Simloc has grown in recent years due to its staff of former air force and civil pilots and teams of engineers specialising in developing aviation simulation solutions.

Quienes Somos Simloc

COMPANY HISTORYFrom a garage to the world​​​​​The origins of the company date back to 2012 in a small garage at Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport, from which it produced the first A320 simulator and started to develop the F18 Superhornet simulator.

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La Historia de Simloc


Pilot to pilot

Simloc employees are a group of the highest-level professionals who all have experience in commercial and/or military aviation. Its Engineering Department is technologically evolving at all times and has the capacity to design, develop and manufacture aviation simulation hardware and software solutions.


In addition to our excellent engineering team specialising in aeronautics simulation, Simloc has a senior management team made up of former Air Force and airline pilots who provide their ‘pilot-to-pilot’ understanding between manufacturer and client.

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