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Simloc's outstanding technical team is the key to their success. Thanks to top-level engineers and the "know-how" accumulated while developing aeronautical innovation projects, Simloc is able to design and produce aeronautical hardware or software. Any cockpit or aircraft system can be developed in order to obtain training devices or flight simulators that can be awarded EASA/FAA certification or the equivalent. From the most basic flight training devices BITD,  FNPT I/II MCC (EASA)  and BATD, AATD (FAA), to the most advanced FTD I/II (EASA) and FTD 6/7 (FAA).



Software development

The Simloc Team designs and develops flight simulation software with all the necessary features to meet the client's strict requirements, even if those requirements are stricter than those required by certification standards. Programming and coding involved in the development of the laws of flight, fly-by-wire systems, virtual reality, HLA environments, automatic certification software, advanced instructor platforms, etc.

The engineers at Simloc share an important characteristic: they have previous aeronautical training. This means they are prepared to meet every challenge and fulfill every project that customers bring to them.

They understand, to perfection, how airplanes work and what pilots can face. They cover, definitively, all the professional needs to be found in the aeronautical field.

A320 SR Software


Hardware development

The Hardware Team covers several disciplines such as electromechanics, electronics, telecommunications and industrial. This versatility allows them to design and manufacture all types of structures, cockpits, controls, panels and elements necessary to replicate the training device that needs to be simulated. The design process for the parts is based on 3D technology; 3D printers are used for prototyping prior to the next step, production. All the while, the strictest quality standards are observed.

A320 SR Components​​​​​​​


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